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Cowpernicus is a teaching associate with the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation. He is also an Ontario College of Teachers Educator with 25 years of experience as an elementary school teacher and Principal with the Ontario Principal’s Council. He loves golf and has been playing for over 40 years since his Grandpa handed him a 1 iron! Combining his love for the game and his professional teaching experience Cowpernicus strives to bring fun to the game of golf and improvements to your swing. As a certified coach of soccer, hockey and golf he has helped many young athletes use the games they love to build leadership skills in life.

Cowpernicus Golf Instruction


Individual Attention

As a certified golf teacher Cowpernicus can help you understand the fundamentals of the golf swing. He will observe, diagnose and correct your swing while focusing on what you can do. Each golfer brings their own unique patterns and comforts to the golf swing. He will work with you to build on what you already do.

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Flexible Teaching Facilities

We can work at our local facility or move to a comfortable location for you and your group. With access to courses, ranges and indoor facilities we are not limited due to weather or location. If the weather does not cooperate we can schedule an “in-Garage” session in our full-swing booth.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Cowpernicus has the tools to help. From video and digital lessons to the use of a track monitor and video technology enhanced feedback. When we take you on as a client you have options for recalling and observing your lessons and progress.

What golfers are saying:

Uncle Jamie makes it fun. I want to keep playing when he helps me.

― Jett P., 8

I have never hit a ball like that! My wife isn’t going to believe it. I couldn’t believe how much he helped me out there on the range.

― Dave N., 73

We specialize in golf instruction for kids of all ages.

Canadian Golf Teachers Federation Certified


Fun. Since we opened in 2021 we’ve committed ourselves to making sure learning the swing and playing the game is fun, above all else.


You, our students, are at the center of our instruction. We will work with you and your physical abilities to make sure you are having fun.


Never be detered by bad shots or struggles again. We are here to help you improve your swing and your game.

Do you need COWPERNICUS Golf Instruction?

Why not take our online assessment to see if our instruction is right for you!

We will look over your information and give you our starting point lesson complimentary. After, get in touch with us and we can help your swing potential by getting out to the range with Cowpernicus!

About Us

We are Cowpernicus Golf Instruction. We place your swing at the center of the game.

We specialize in golf instruction for kids of all ages. We offer private, group and summer camp style learning.


172 Oak Drive
Essex, Ontario
N8M 3C8

Life long learning and playing: We believe golfers are able to learn skills for golf for the rest of their lives. Everyone is a learner when you work with Cowpernicus. As a model learner he brings patience and understanding to the range, the course and to every lesson so that the game of golf remains fun for you.

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