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I am verbose in person.  I know this.  I talk a tonne.  I have been told that I am an eloquent speaker…..people are just being polite.  They are all very kind to me.  I am learning to temper my loquaciousness with solid and profound listening.  My trick?  A 6 1/2 dollar journal from Franklin Covey.  Today I watched as my more than proficient partner delivered a professional learning session on the profile of our learners.  I wrote.  I spoke 4 times in 4 hours.  I was concise.  I asked 5 questions.  I wrote.  I think I’ve got this.  At the end of our session I was asked by the Vice Principal if I had anything to share. 

Come on…..of course I did.

I stated that I had something to share and they were all beliefs.  I prefaced these beliefs with the statement, “I have many when it comes to learning and teaching and the relationship between the two.  In order to keep our professional learning community working I will limit my belief statements and supply them in small doses.  Otherwise this will grind to a halt and you will probably throw something at me. I have three today.”

1.   I believe in the power of knowing your students and yes if you come to the office with a problem involving a student I will ask to see the child’s learning profile so that I can help support you in finding a way to reach them.

2.  I believe in the power of data analysis and we should all have up to date class data sheets at the ready.

3.  I believe in my partner, the vice principal.

We are off to a great start.  How do I know?  They all clapped and said “We do too.”  Congratulations M.R.  You were great.

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