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I run on October 21, 2012. I run 26 miles. My last long distance trainer was 22. It was challenging in a “lying face down on Sandwich Street at mile 21” kinda way. “Get up, you can do it.” My training partner said from her bike. She had been following me and I did not know it.

I am prepared for the pain. Tricia found this text to help inspire my work towards the weekend of the 21st.

Interestingly enough this text also provides me with a window into my challenges in leadership circles.

Long distance running is personal and political, but even more, it’s transcendental. You transcend “normal” behavior as well as your own expectations. Over time, this serial transcendence plateaus at a different idea of “normal.” Through this beautiful, empowering process, you locate and relocate your identity. You constantly create new conceptions of what’s possible and those new concepts become part of you. The key here is this: You then become more involved with the world as an agent of change. You rage a bit. And this entire process is modeled. Others witness it; many are moved by it—they change for the better. In this ongoing empowerment and transcendence, you are a public model, whether or not you think so. When you start running seventy miles a week, the people around you will eventually take notice and become curious. It’s an exceptional thing.

(James McWilliams — historian, activist — published on the blog, Myths About The Vegetarian Myth.)

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