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A friend of mine told me a story about his younger brother the other day.  His mom would point a finger and say to him “You had better behave!”  His brother would then rebut…”I am being Hav!”  To change behaviour fast. . . add a little fun.

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The New Tag (thenewtag.wordpress.com) writes about happiness in a Blog entry entitled:  Want kids to be happy?  Teach gratitude. 
“The biggest difference between people who are generally happy and people who are generally not, is this: Happy people recognize, focus on, think about, talk about and attribute value to what is good in their lives most of the time. Unhappy people don’t. It really is that simple.”
This entry reminded me of a draft I started months ago and finish here.  It was after a tough day at school.  I asked two different kids these 2 questions:  Are you happy?  What makes you happy?   The first child responded “I don’t know. I am not really happy.”  The second child responded: “Yes I am happy. A lot of fings make me happy like. . .” and then she answered in this exact order in about 3 minutes:
playing with Haley (friend)
Having Tea
Playing with Gavin
Helping Daddy
Counting and Math
My whole family
Avery the cat
Having dinner
Music and dancing
I learn so much from kids everyday.  Especially from the contrast between those at work and those at home. Thanks The New Tag for reminding me of this event in my life.  I attempt to bring the kind of happiness my daughter feels to the students I work with everyday.  We all have so much to be thankful for, to be happy about.  According to my daughter’s list they are one and the same I presume.

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