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Looking back I am not sure where the time went.

I am certain that I wasn’t doing “nothing.”  I just didn’t write about the “something.”

It is time to push the publish button on a number of entries I have been crafting for some time.  Those ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) inside are not going to win the battle anymore.

I will endeavour to get back to the business of formal and public reflection on my practise.  A colleague unwittingly challenged me to do so.  Okay Terri.  Here goes.

My last published post was in April of 2013.  This is the embarrassing part.  Since the last post I began a new academic year, ran another marathon, rescued a dog from the pound, translated our 4 guiding assumptions to 4 leading intentions, celebrated my 40th, saw 60 point gains in standards based assessments at Eastwood (EQAO), taught the dog to use the treadmill, had reconstructive ACL surgery, started inquiry based professional learning for teachers in the school house, etc. etc. etc.

There has been a lot that has happened.  I don’t intend on using my “busyness” as an excuse.  There is no excuse.  As a lead learner in the year 2014 (almost) it is my obligation to share my learning and make my leadership transparent.

I will endeavour to do so, again, before any January 1st resolutions.

And here is the kicker….I am bringing 4 people with me.

Terri, Jodie, Lori, Kathleen.   Shhhhh.  I haven’t told them yet.

I taught Hawksley the dog to run on the treadmill in about 10 minutes.  He is up to 5.1 for 30 minutes.  All I needed was a clicker and a treat.  I taught him how to jump into the pool and swim in about 30 minutes.  Dogs inherently want to do these two things.  They just need to conquer the fear of the unknown environment and have a critical friend help them.  I recognize that I will not “teach” myself or my colleagues to write about their experiences just as I did not “teach” the dog to run and swim.Image

For human’s I have read that it takes 21 days to replace a bad habit with a good one.  I intend to blog and or convince another to blog at The Principaled Life for the next 21 days.

I am convinced that I have perspective and experiences that will add to the collective conversation and reflection on what it means to be an effective instructional leader.  I am also convinced that my colleagues have a similar strength of perspective.  The issue is the deconstruction of the moniker.  Effective?  Instructional?  Leader?  The term carries with it myriads of logistical, emotional, cognitive and innovation challenges.  Together with my critical friends we will work through this learning.

Tomorrow’s topic:  Getting into classrooms.  Logistics or Fear?

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I decided my life wasn’t busy enough to give up on my passion for writing. I realize that the only way I will get better at it is to do it. So. . . The 30 Day Blogging Challenge. . .

I’m making a commitment to write every-other day for the next 30 days. My wife is in this challenge with me. We will be taking turns blogging over the course of the next month. Who needs to wait for the first of the month to start a 30 day challenge. Not us obviously.

Writing has been difficult for me of late. I have not made the time to do so. I have a bunch to write about just haven’t made the time to write. I’ve come to understand that the longer I put this off the harder it is to just sit down and do it. I challenged @infinebalance in an attempt to support her writer’s block and in an effort to get me writing.

My wife writes over at InFineBalance.com. Her blog is a fitness, kids, work, mostly food endeavour. Go check her blog out and you will find a recipe for some delicious morsel that does no harm to animals or the environment. You can also follow her on twitter @infinebalance.

Tag you’re it.

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