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On August 11 and 12 I will be participating and presenting with Chris Moore (EdCamp you School!) and Dustin O’Neil and Kerry Green-Duren (These are you Morning Announcements) at the TELL conference.  TELL is represented by the four associations of Administrative Leaders in Ontario:

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The two days will include 4 learning sessions for Principals and Vice Principals.  I will be sharing at 2 of them with my fellow colleagues.  Included in the two day program are keynote addresses with these educational thought leaders:

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Chris @ICprin, Dustin @PrincipalONeil and Kerry @KerryGreenDuren are happy to include the content of our conversations here at Cowpernicus.com.  Our agenda for the two day experience will include:


You can also choose to stay in touch with the latest technology enabled learning and leading educators at TVO’s Teach Ontario.



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@Brockbulldogs (Mark Roth) and myself are on the way home from #bit14 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) and Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) have closed their second combined Bring IT Conference at the Scotia Bank Centre. So… we are going home, happy, full, and contemplative.

There is much conversation in the car. Most regarding our respective roles as administrators in schools full of awesome students and caring teachers. All of whom are doing their best to improve the lives of each other. Completing a blog post while my compatriot drives affords me the opportunity to consider and ask him about his highlights. I have asked Mark to consider his experiences in three categories:

  1.  Learning Highlights (ie.  I know something different now and will do something different because of it.)
  2. Challenging Highlights (ie.  I heard something and wish to challenge it as I get positive results the way I do it already.)
  3. Questioning Highlights (ie.  This new knowledge makes me ask further questions.)

The Learning Highlights:

  1. The repeated message that Children, Pedagogy and Relationships of the Heart come before any technologies (from the pen to the iPad).
  2. Collaboration in the Learning Space with Peter Skillen when he stated the SAMR model is simple.  It is just a way of being.  There is nothing complex about it and it can be applied all over the educational landscape
  3. PBL, Maker Space, Inquiry and any other push to move away from the industrial model of education to the more robust and 3 dimensional constructivist and creative nature of learning is the transformation that we continue to need.

The Challenging Highlights:

  1. To paraphrase George Couros we too believe that teachers do not love the status quo as Ron Canuel alluded to (somewhat cheekily).  Teachers love kids.  They do the best they can with the information they have.  Our job is to be certain we are all using the best and most recent knowledge base to deliver learning. (ex. Brain research that states kids learn better after physical activity).
  2. The continued argument regarding the use of social media as a tool is complicated.  Warnings about students impacting their future versus the Danah Boyd research in It’s Complicated is challenging for us all as adults.  Do we look away or use the teachable moments?
  3. The continued references to digital citizenship is bothersome for us.  There is no digital citizenship, only citizenship.  We don’t say “Show a little digital kindness.”  Nor do we turn on the light switch and say wow, that technology is amazing.

The Questioning Highlights:

  1. How do we guarantee equity for students when there are classrooms that are not engaged in the transformation whether that be an ill prepared teacher, nervous leadership or a misuse of resources?
  2. What is our next immediate set of behaviours that will make our learning permanent?
  3. The world we are building is for the kids.  Can we all listen to what they want and still sleep soundly at night?
  4. Can we make this learning opportunity (#bit15) a reality for an entire division of Principals and help the cause, the transformation?

Thanks @dougpete and @Cyndiejacobs and the entire “Kelly Green” team for a great learning conference.


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