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So, Check this out! (I was asked to hold Mrs. Lamb’s class Flat Lamb.)

So. How do you pack for ten days in China?  The weather, travel logistics, gifts, just in case items.  I tried to cover it all.  Looking at weather it appeared that it was going to be a significantly warmer clime.  I just could not bring myself to pack shorts and tee shirts.  

Stuff I threw in to give to people:

  • A jar of smooth Kraft peanut butter
  • A litre bottle of Ruthven maple syrup
  • 10 Centure Flèche sashes (thanks Dave!)
  • 10 Canadian 6 coin sets
  • Kingsville public school pins
  • Town of Kingsville Pins (thanks @NSantos007)

Stuff I threw in just in case:

  • A one page wonder of 15 phonetically spelled phrases I will need, Merci Diane.
  • 12 Protien bars
  • Maybe I’ll keep the peanut butter
  • Sneakers, trainers, flops
  • Workout gear (I promised Trish)
  • 3 sets of headphones
  • I threw a pair of shorts in at the last minute
  • 3 paperbacks
  • Voltage converter, various charging cords
  • Laptop, iPad, iPhone
  • A suit, jeans and an extra outfit in the carry on.

32 kg worth.  I made it.

This post is getting monotonous.  Sorry. It’s the jet lag.

Left at 7:30am on April 13…talked to the kids at 7:30 am on the 14th.  24 hour travel experience crossed off the bucket list.

On a bike in Beijing!

Eat your heart out Merlis!

I am waiting in the Pearson Airport with the #gecdsb delegation of Principals that are headed to Chongqing, China.  We are working with Southwest University to share teaching and learning (pedagogical) successes and challenges in the Sister Schools project.  #gecdsb elementary schools have been paired for 6 years now.  Using Sketchy Skype calls and skilled Chinese/English interpreters we learned of each others educational experiences.  My first call ever occurred in the learning commons of Eastwood School in 2014.  I had set up the TV and webcam at the couch area.  When the call came in I realized I was talking to a lecture hall of 200 Student Teachers and Professors.  “Hi!” They all excitedly waved.  Now I am getting on a plane to Southwest University in Chongqing to experience school first hand.

So, the point of this post… What have people asked me to bring back for them?

  1. Kobe and Silas are expecting some Chinese Pokemon cards.
  2. Dallas wants a rock.
  3. Janice wants menus and pics of poorly translated signs (Chinese to English)
  4. Tricia wants a jade ring, as does Zoe.
  5. Gavin wants pics of me eating exotic foods… Bugs particularly.  (He’s been reading Ripley’s books)
  6. A whole slew of kids from KPS want coins and money
  7. Chopsticks have come up as have fabrics, clothing and foodstuffs.
  8. New words in Chinese has been popular.

We’ll see everyone.  For now I’m guaranteeing you I will take and bring back lots of pictures.  I will do my best to capture some stories here.  I promise to blog from the Great Wall right after Principal Iandolo and I run a 5k.  

Up next:  what did I bring?

I cannot believe it! The Reciprocal Learning Partnership, The University of Windsor, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the Greater Essex County District School Board are working together (with me) and sending a group of Principals to Chongqing China! There we are going to present at the annual Conference and learn in our 7 sister schools. I am going to keep a journal of my experiences here on my blog for my family, friends, school and colleagues to read.

Our district prepared poster boards to highlight our recent school life. This is it:

China Poster – Kingsville PDF

6 Final Important Messages from edcampSWO:

1. There are 250 parking spots for over 500 participants. Ride share can help. Do you want to "UBERish" to the site…. link here to put it out there:

Here is the link: https://erideshare.com/xprs.php?e=4ZqNUa1J

2. Not coming because something came up? Please go to the site and cancel your reservation. This helps us out and we thank you.

3. Participants that are choosing to present and need technology to do so will only have access to a media projector. Please bring your own computers, devices, speakers and cords.

4. The day begins at 8:30 with mingling by and filling in the Learning Matrix board. Sessions begin at 9 am. Lunch is at 12 pm. Marian Small is at 1 pm. Closing starts at 4 pm and Saidat will motivate us to innovate at 4:15-5. Our afterglow is a informal chance to continue dialogue at Johnny Shotz in Tecumseh.

5. Lunch and Breakfast are brought to you by KPS and the Green Heart Lunch Club. It will include:











Water and canned pop for lunch


6. Can’t wait to meet all of you and learn, together. We need you to bring the learning because up to now…the agenda is 90% empty!

edcampSWO 2016

date Saturday, 2 April 2016 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (EDT)
date Tecumseh Vista Academy
11665 Shields Ave
Tecumseh, ON N8N 0C1

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