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It is a major balancing act. Challenging those around you to do the most they can to innovate education is hard work. Supporting those around you that need time to breathe, rest and regroup is hard work. In education there is no easy work. Earlier this week I had a colleague write to me and say “I am a different learner than you. Things come easy to you.” I wrote back: Nothing comes easy to me, nothing. What is it about what I do each day that appears easy to others?

One thing for sure. I stay positive and happy all day long. The kids I work with, the hard-working adults deserve this from me. I have moments of weakness. I frown. I sigh. Then I pick myself up and go spend time with kids. I watch an expert teacher converse with a student. I take myself out of center and put the kids back in there where they belong. I believe that positive people, or people being positive, make things look easy. We laugh in the face of adversity, find opportunity in error and take each new challenge as an event of learning. I have tried to make this my mission. I have been challenged recently by my position. I have had to make some difficult “moves” and decisions. I have stayed happy and positive in presentation. I have remained calm. Stress has not been an issue. I have found that doing the right thing makes things easier.

Nothing is easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. Nobody is. Only I am doing the things I do.

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