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My Friend,  

I so badly wanted to send this to all of my administrative colleagues but fear my rant will land me more empty seats at my table at the monthly Principals’ meetings, more jokes about the “techno-guru” that can fix the LCD projector or the PowerPoint show and certainly even less interest in “picking up what I have been laying down” since the technology workshop with David Warlick in August. I am gonna lay off on the “Join Twitter chatter”. I am losing real life friends faster than I am gaining virtual followers. So I decided just to send it to you (and my few Bloggings Readers). So go ahead……hate away.  If you decide to join and follow and need some guidance drop me a line or send me your @.   See the email below. 


 An article in ASCD’s Educational Leadership endorsing the use of Twitter for professional learning for teachers. Check it out.


Educational Leadership by ASCD

Just think, If you got on Twitter you could start ignoring my annoying “pleas” that come with these emails. If you want to talk about it…..just drop me a line (or your Twitter name).

 Tweetly Yours,


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