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Well, I’ve done it. That which I have been avoiding for sometime now. No, I have not taken the Facebook plunge. I may not. But, I am tweeting, blogging and began a Wiki.

Too much? The three are integrated so easily with the use of such tools as NetVibes and WordPress that I state a resounding “No.” Are you afraid of learning? Have you been making excuses like me not to get involved in the communication revolution? The speed at which the human mind can begin to process the tasks, clicks, multi-sensory stimuli etc. is amazing. Too Fast? Again, “No.” Give yourself a few days. Stick to it. You will begin to draw on the creative initiative that exists inside all of us. In a matter of three days you will start to discover answers to questions you have had for years. You will learn to network with people and integrate their thoughts into your own perspectives and experience. I have exercised my learnership in the last three days. I know it will carry over to my leadership.

Talk about putting yourself out there. The last time I did this was during the creation of the Christina Rossetti archive through the University of Windsor’s English undergrad program with Dr. Atkinson as my lead. That was 12 years ago. I am ready. My hope: an eduBlog that highlights my vision and belief for the students and community I serve in Greater Essex County with connections to the many “Real People” that I know and who have influenced my learning.

Stay tuned. I am working on where I fit in.

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